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Review: Rocket Girl Volume 1

Rocket Girl Volume 1: Times Squared by Montclare, Brandon (2014) Paperback - Brandon Montclare; Amy Reeder;

The first issue starts with a blue panel with some text balloons intended to be a conversation between the creators:



There needs to be an idea behind it. We can't just decide to do a comic without any premise. We can't just come up with a cool name...something like...I don't know...Rocket Girl...without there being a story to back it up.


Wait. What's Rocket Girl?


And that's where I should have stopped, I think. The art in this is great. And it's fairly fast paced adventure, but the storytelling feels a lot like the result of that conversation. Like "sounds cool" was prioritized over anything else.


So, thanks for the warning, I guess?


I probably should not have read this right after Paper Girls. It's completely not fair of me.