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Review: The Smoking Mirror

The Smoking Mirror - David  Bowles

David is a friend. I don't think that's coloring my reaction to this one, but I also don't think I would ever have heard of this book if he hadn't been the author. Which is really too bad since I liked it quite a bit and look forward to the sequel.


Twins learn they are shapeshifters and go on a mythical quest to save their mom. Fun, fast, and in a setting I don't see often enough. The two protagonists are just brimming with personality. This is also firmly middle grade and going to my niece for her next birthday.


If I have to find a complaint, it feels like the end goes a bit too fast.


A note on format, there are translations of all of the Spanish words and phrases appended to the end. They're organized by chapter rather than alphabetically. If you think you'll need them, go ahead and grab a second bookmark to follow along.