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Review: The House of Shattered Wings

The House of Shattered Wings - Aliette de Bodard

I did this as an audiobook and strongly suspect I would not have finished it if I'd tried to read the paper version. There are some terribly interesting and terribly beautiful things in this book, but court politics and passive characters are really not my thing. I'm sure this is a solid novel for a different reader.


Everything that happens in this book is fallout from something that happened in the past. Characters seem to split their time between lamenting the parts of the past they can't change and refusing to think about the parts they actually could still do something about. 


And supposed allies fail to share information at nearly every opportunity prior to the fourth act. 


For a book that starts with two urchins attempting to butcher a fallen angel, there sure wasn't a lot of action.


There is an amazing section where a group enters the Seine - in addition to the interesting setting, this is also one of the few places that details how magic is used. That section is perfect, and the last act is interesting, but I'm not sure it's worth the laborious setup.


So much talking. So little said. 


Please let the next book I read have stabbing in it.