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Most Anticipated 2016 Titles

Presented Alphabetically by author because it's my blog and I get to make the rules.



The Rose and the Dagger - Renée Ahdieh  The Rose and the Dagger - Renée Ahdieh. A May release is a sequel to last year's The Wrath and the Dawn, which I sort of loved. This is kind of big deal as I usually bounce hard off of romance heavy plots with alpha males. Doesn't hurt that the writing is gorgeous. Sentence level art.


Company Town - Madeline Ashby  Company Town - Madeline Ashby. Out next month, this book has been a long time coming. Originally, this was an Angry Robot title, available for pre-order ages ago. Then her editor left and she ended up moving it to Tor, which I found out about through googling after Amazon cancelled my Kindle pre-order. So I've pre-ordered again, but this time for the Hard Cover via my favorite semi-local bookshop.


The Great Ordeal: Book Three (The Aspect-Emperor Trilogy) - R. Scott Bakker  The Great Ordeal: Book Three (The Aspect-Emperor Trilogy) - R. Scott Bakker. The publisher claims this will be out this July. It's been so many years since book two came out, I'm not sure I believe this is real. 


Who Killed Sherlock Holmes? - Paul Cornell  Who Killed Sherlock Holmes? - Paul Cornell. The third Shadow Police novel. This May the UK edition will be published with completely new cover designs for the series. Making this the THIRD cover for London Falling. The first edition of the new installment is also paperback, while the previous two have been hard cover releases. Changing up packaging while downgrading print editions does not bode well for the longevity of this series. I've ordered it from Book Depository because I can't even find a US release date.


The Geek Feminist Revolution - Kameron Hurley  The Geek Feminist Revolution - Kameron Hurley. Hurley has two books out this year. First, a collection of essays that I've surely read most of before. Out in May with Llama cover art!


 The Stars Are Legion - Kameron Hurley  The Stars Are Legion - Kameron Hurley. Her second book for the year comes out in October, from her 4th (?) publisher, Saga Press. While I'm eager to read the final Worldbreaker Saga, I'm also thrilled to have a new space opera to pass the time while waiting. 


Ghost Talkers - Mary Robinette Kowal  Ghost Talkers - Mary Robinette Kowal. Kowal crowd sourced early readers via her blog for this August release. She had mentioned the concept at a book signing the previous year, and I was quite smitten with it. The early version we read was a lot of fun, and given the stuff she was planning to add, I look forward to reading the final version.


The Winged Histories: a novel - Sofia Samatar  The Winged Histories: a novel - Sofia Samatar.  I'm late making this post, and The Winged Histories is already out. My copy is sitting at the previously bookshop 2 hours away. Maybe I should pick up the e-book in the meantime? 


What am I missing?