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Review (sort of?): White Trash Zombie Gone Wild (WTZ #5)

White Trash Zombie Gone Wild - Diana Rowland

I just finished this a couple of days ago and am struggling to sit down and write out my complex reaction to it. In short, it's the best book in an already quite good series. I mean, just look at the freaking covers - this series is killing it.


It's also exactly what I needed from a series right now in terms of just how personal the stakes are. One of the things I struggle with in UF is the rapid escalation from personal stories to world engulfing intrigues. And the previous installment in this series, while fun, was also a textbook example of this "problem". In quotes because I realize this is a special quirk of mine. The action quickly moves to New York and the global scope is on the horizon. And while all of that is still happening in book 5, it's happening higher up in the zombie organization. 


Angel has her own struggle to cope with, complicated by other, local incidents she's the only one in a position to handle. And this works so well. So fucking well. Plenty of action and plenty of tension without a plot that requires going bigger in terms of world building.


Now I'm going to utterly fail in my responsibilities as a review, and suggest you instead read this somewhat spoilery, detailed review from Fangs For The Fantasy because yes to all of it, the good and the bad. 


I want another hundred books in this series.