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Review: Rampant (Shrike 2)

Rampant (Shrike) (Volume 2) - Emmie Mears

You know how that wanker, Batman, is always claiming not to kill people while carving a path of death and destruction through Gotham? This is all the death and destruction, but from the POV of a super hero who gives a fuck about the unnamed masses harmed by her actions and inactions.


The gory finale of book one still haunts Gwen and Taog, but it turns out things aren't quite finished. Gwen tries to work with the local law enforcement, with some success and some trust issues. She finds new allies and successfully uses a fucking cell phone.


Like, seriously, I cannot get over how often I'm expected to ignore that plot points shouldn't exist thanks to cell phones in UF novels. At last, one that doesn't pretend the technology doesn't exist. It's refreshing.


I'm also delighted with the amount of bloodshed and no win situations in this book.


And our heroine still has to maintain a day job.



Oh, and pacing. The pacing is pretty good. Not quite breakneck, a few pauses to catch our breaths, but overall quite good. 


A+ urban fantasy. Just like the first one, but even more so.