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Review: Tangi's Teardrops

Tangi's Teardrops: A Single Tear Will Change Everything... - Liz Grace Davis

I keep seeing this listed as YA, but it is MG. There is a sort of simplicity to the world building, plot, and character development that places this book firmly in MG territory.


Tangi's life sucks. She's poor, she's black, one of her legs is shorter than the other, and her only parent just died. She has two half-sisters who hate her because in their heads she uses her disability to get advantages in life, and they convince the people who work for her uncle of this nonsense. 


But don't worry, it gets better for her. This is, after all, a fairy tale of sorts. Not quite Cinderella, with more at stake than her happiness. A book where suffering and love both have tangible effects on the world.