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Review: Planetfall

Planetfall - Emma Newman

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A book that marries two mysteries as told by a narrator not interested in thinking about one and too preoccupied by the fallout of that one to make much progress on the other.

I read the audiobook, which is wonderfully narrated by the author. She starts from the typical plot where a stranger coming to a small town and unsettling the existing order, but the small town in this case is a colony living outside of a mysterious structure. The opening scenes are about 3D printing. Recycling and sustainable systems are woven though the narrative. But for all the colony's zero impact living on this alien planet, this stranger is the only one who's really lived on the planet.

A little more than half way through, all the small things about the narrator that are just a little off come into sharp focus. I found it terribly interesting, but about an hour from the end I was sure we'd only get resolution on one of the mysteries. Wow was I wrong. The last act of this book is action packed mayhem and puzzle solving.

I'm sure the text version is also a blast, but I recommend the audiobook for those who do audio. Newman has a great voice and her voice acting in this is a wonderful addition to an already excellent story.