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Review: Illuminae

Illuminae - Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman

I hadn't heard of this book before it appeared on The Big Idea, and basically sold me with a single image. What a load of fun. I love all the details, and all the different voices, and the predictable but just right plotting. 


And the cover. Let's talk about the cover. I mean look at. Let's look at the cover.



 See all the transparent sections? Look what is under the dust jacket.



Right? The alignment between the blacked out sections and the cover text? So much to love and we haven't even opened the cover yet!



So much detail. Here's the first page of the actual book.



Note the page numbering at the bottom. This is a brick! But it reads very fast. In part because of the amount of white space on many of the pages, and in part because it moves rather fast. Very easy to pick up for short stints or to hold onto for lengthier sections of being trapped under the cat. This was quite fun!