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Review: Rolling in the Deep

Rolling in the Deep - Mira Grant

I am utterly baffled to see that I haven't reviewed this novella. How did I fail at that? I talked about Rolling In The Deep constantly for about a week and a half, but apparently not online.


First, a note: this is in no way related to the McGuire story in WDSF.


Such a fun concept! The framework for this story is a "documentary" about the final days aboard a failed "scientific" mission to look for evidence of mermaids. In quotes because it's a documentary in the style of entertainment television, and the original mission was funded by the same entertainment company - which hired women to play mermaids in addition to scientists to study them. 


And rather than cheese factory, Grant turned out an excellent science fiction horror story. Yeah, this work of fiction cares more about plausibility than the average ancient alien documentary out there. 


I'm still waiting for my trilogy of trilogies about her other mermaid story, though.