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Review: Chapelwood

Chapelwood: The Borden Dispatches - Cherie Priest

If you loved Maplecroft, odds are good you will like this. If you hated Maplecroft, odds are good you won't like this.


Years have passed since the events that brought Simon Wolf into contact with Lizzie Andrews. He's continued to be a professional investigator of the odd. She's continued to pursue her interest in the not-quite-natural, but sealed off the basement and stopped experimenting. Now they are both interested in the same series off ax murders and other odd reports coming from Birmingham, Alabama.


Told largely through journal entries and newspaper clippings, this one does occasionally break epistolary form with first person sections that clearly weren't written accounts. That's not a huge deal, I guess. Either way, it's rotating, mostly first person with several POV characters. 


More importantly, there is a room that eats things. Not all things, just important ones.


I liked this quite a bit, but I'm biased in favor of southern food and mouthy women. I hope there is a third book in this series.