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Review: Ms. Marvel Vol 3

Ms. Marvel Vol. 3: Crushed - G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona

Volume 3 has a bit of a tone change from the first two. Or maybe tone isn't the right word?


As the title implies, Crushed deals with romantic tension in addition to do-goodery fisticuffs. That isn't the change I'm talking about, though. Well, not exactly. It's more, one part additional knowledge of Marvel properties required, one part part complete lack of subtlety in critiquing rape culture.


One of these I liked. 


The first issue sees Loki turn up at a high school valentine's dance. I'm not sure comic Loki can really hold a candle to MCU's Loki. I'm sure that will get me labeled as a fake geek or something, but Tom Hiddleston, y'all. 


Wait, what was I talking about.


Right, so after that, Kamala's parents insist she play nice with "nose picker," the son of some of their dear friends. Adventures, fights, and new inhumans ensue. The momentum towards her post-civil war role is undeniable, but gosh am I not excited about it. Maybe I'll change my mind at some point? I like the cameos, and I love how into superheroes she is as a fan/community organizer. but I want her to keep being the protagonist rather than co-star in the story.


As an added "bonus" there's an issue of Agents of Shield where Simms infiltrates Kamala's high school. I loved Kamala's role, but found the artwork jarring. Having finally adapted to the art style of the main book, the saturated colors felt out of place. Worse, Simms, scientist extraordinaire, is inked like a blow up doll. She's illustrated in exactly the way that drives me away from comics. Kamala still looks like a teenage girl, at least.