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Review: Any Port in a Storm

Any Port in a Storm (Ayala Storme Book 2) - Emmie Mears

Ayala Storme's adventured continue in this sequel to Storm in a Teacup. A lot of the writing issues I had with the previous one aren't present here. Interesting characters and an engaging plot with plenty of gore, severed limbs, and swordplay.


This is a fun, faced paced adventure as Ayala tries to maintain her independence and avoid playing into Summit politics while holding the highest hellkin kill ranking in the region.


I think the only downside for me on this one was setting. Every time Ayala strayed from Nashville, it felt like a road map was the sole source of research used. Even parts of Nashville felt flat. Hipsters is hardly a complete description for the eastern part of the city.


An incomplete list of interesting cites Ayala got near without mentioning:

Castle Gwynn

The UFO House

The Suck

Hundred Oaks Castle


Instead, we get a few road directions and town names with nothing to fill them in.


This may be an unfair criticism as I've driven around these parts back in the days before GPS and I'm the sort who reads things like the biography of the first undertaker in the city I live. So, your mileage may vary.


Book three is scheduled for release later this year, and I am definitely going to check it out. I am super invested in the cast at this point.