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Review: Dead Beat

Dead Beat - Jim Butcher

The best one so far, but I'm not sure that's actually saying much. I continue to fail to see why this series is beloved by some. I definitely haven't hit a point where I start claiming to other people, "just give it a change, 4 or 5 books, and then it gets good!"


I did, this time, laugh in delight more often than at terrible prose. But the latter still happened kind of a lot. 


The last act has a pretty awesome thing. A big awesome thing. And I am so happy one of the characters turned out to not be as originally presented, because ugh.


I've almost run through the glut of Dresden Files audiobooks I purchased on sale a couple years ago. Honestly, I'm still undecided on buying more. I don't love it, but they are pretty perfect for 2 to 8 hour road trips. I suppose time will tell.