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Series Retention Rates

Link shamelessly stolen from Irresponsible Reader's recent roundup. 


I find this this fascinating and completely consistent with my own series reading trends as seen here: http://dms.booklikes.com/post/1086513/serial-quitter


To recap, 23 of the 32 series I have abandoned since I started tracking my reading were abandoned after book one. At that time, the number of series I had kept up with was 22. There are another 19 I was interested in continuing, but hadn't kept current with. I need to find the spreadsheet I built as I think it is broken down by how many book in I got. I wonder just how predictable I am.


Edit: Yeah, my retention rate is pretty stable if I make it through book 1. Small sample size, obviously, but I quite 3 at book 2, three at book 3, two at book 4 and 1 at book 5. I think I'll redo this analysis next year as my lists of "current" and "behind" have altered in even the last 5 months. And I'll try to include a retention rate table even though my sample size is too small to say anything meaningful. 


Because numbers.