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Review; Sex Criminals Vol 1.

Sex Criminals, Volume 1 - Chip Zdarsky, Matt Fraction

So, some people stop time when they orgasm. A couple who each do this decides to use their power to rob banks in order to generate enough cash to keep a library from closing. So it's full of crude jokes, public sex, and sticking it to the man.


Sounds amazing, right?


It's just okay.


Occasionally, there are brilliant scenes, but overall it's not quite living up to the glorious and amazing book it should be with this premise. 


Some of my lack of enthusiasm may be due to it's competition. This is one of the four graphic novel nominations in this year's Hugo ballot that doesn't have puppy piss all over it. The other three, I kind of loved. Okay, Rat Queens is a bit thin on content, but what's there is great. And Ms. Marvel - this might be the greatest thing Marvel has ever made. 


But sex criminals? I enjoyed the "how do I art?" appendix at the end more than the actual content. Nonlinear story, great graphics, sex positive. I'm not even sure what's missing. I'm going to try volume 2 eventually in the hopes that it will start to work better for me. We shall see.