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Review: Captain Marvel Vol. 1 & 2

Captain Marvel Volume 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More - Kelly Sue DeConnick, David López Captain Marvel Volume 2: Stay Fly - Marcia Takara, Kelly Sue DeConnick

I had two reasons for picking these up. 


1. Kamala Khan *loves* Captain Marvel so much that my interests were peaked.


2. I saw a review that summarized Higher, Further, Faster, More as Captain Marvel in Space with her cat. 


Volume one is pretty great. It picks up directly after the events of I-don't-know-I-don't-really-follow-comics with Carol wanting a bit of time and (metaphorical) space to think and getting an offer to go to (actual) space. It's a solid book with a cohesive plot spanning the included issues. I wasn't familiar with the obvious tie ins to other titles, but it didn't matter. This was a Firefly plot relying on one woman instead of a rag tag team. 


Volume two is less solid. It's a series of sort of funny adventures that are only united by adjacency in time. There are a couple of places where there should be an emotional punch, but I don't have the back story to feel them. And one place where a character only having a few years to live is presented almost as the punchline of a joke. The cat is really the saving grace of this set of issues. Always take your cat to space, people. Always.


As much as I liked the first volume, I'll be waiting for reviews before considering volume 3.