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Review: Love is the Drug

Love Is the Drug - Alaya Dawn Johnson

Admittedly, the beginning is a bit slow and seems to take forever to get rolling. But once it does, Emily Bird's transformation is divine to witness. A pandemic induced quarantine allows her enough time away from her control freak mother to figure out who she is. A creepy security contractor tears down so much of what she's thought was safe that she is able to get a fresh perspective on who and what is important to her, even as she struggles to figure out what he's done to her.


This thriller has a romance plot. The two are deeply interconnected, but neither feels in service to the other. I can't say I've found a romance plot this satisfying in . . . ever? Possibly ever. I spent the last 15% of this book wavering between the desire to finish it and the desire to stretch it out so I would still have more to read. 


I am sad to find I have finished this one. I want more.