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Review: Secret Postings

Secret Postings: Bletchley Park to the Pentagon - Charlotte Webb

This is the strangest autobiography I think I have ever read. 


Let's start with the fact that the title is, at best, misleading. Yes, Webb did work in both locations and National Secrets Act and all that, but those sections are incredibly brief. Interesting if you're into how payroll worked at Bletchley or that guards checked ID's every day at the pentagon even if they know you (I'm sure they still do that to this day). Odd in that the writer seems completely without ambition. She speaks passionately about learning other languages and experiencing other cultures, but rather distantly about the parts of her life referenced in the title.


I enjoyed it, there are a lot of interesting details about life in times and places I haven't experienced, but I wish it had been marketed a little more honestly. Or that the appendix had included transcripts of her previous lectures and article reprints. 


So, yeah, weird. Not what I thought I was getting.