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Review: Low Midnight

Low Midnight (Kitty Norville) - Carrie Vaughn

I find the idea of Cormac and Amelia so interesting that there was basically zero chance of me not enjoying this book. Both are fascinating characters, and together they are an irresistible force.


At a signing a few years ago, Vaughn had mentioned that she was planning to write a Cormac book. I'd asked if it was Cormac now, or pre-Kitty Cormac. Her answer was perfect, but I am not going to share.


This is one for fans of the character(s) or anyone who like a fun mix of interesting characters and action. Not for readers looking for a challenging mystery. I feel like the two big reveals in here are so obvious I'm a little astounded Amelia didn't figure either out sooner. I mean, I know the final battle scene is so much less if they walk in with the answer to the big mystery, but at the same time, how could Amelia have not even speculated about what seemed the most obvious solution?


Anyway, I'll so pick up the next one of these if such a thing comes to exist. I love watching these two get themselves into and out of trouble.