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2014 Reading in Review

Last year, I did a few posts about what I had read, but this year I am just doing one giant long one. In part, because I read only 2/3 of the titles (and even less pages) than last year, and in part because I don't feel like I have anything new or interesting enough to warrant a separate post. 

My pathetic breakdown of the 44 "books" I finished according to goodreads:

anthologies: 1
collections: 1
Adult novels: 19
YA novels: 3
MG novels: 5
graphic novels: 3
art book: 1
comic omnibus: 8
magazine issues: 2
children's books: 1
abandoned: 0

Of those 44, only 11 were published in 2014. Of those 11, three were kickstarters I backed and 3 were freebies provided by various sources (and noted as such in the reviews).
Combining the 4 novel categories (30 total):
  Written by women: 19 (63%)
  Written by POC's: 6 (20%)
I did read some other miscellaneous short fiction in various magazines, but I don't shelve magazines unless I'm reviewing the issue. And I don't shelve individual stories because I am lazy.
[edit from Jan 26th: apparently, goodreads stopped automatically adding a date to books I marked as abandoned sometime in 2013.] I abandoned 4 books, so I guess I could argue that I read 48 books.
This year's favorite "book" was Lightspeed's special issue Women Destroy Science Fiction, edging out Mirror Empire, Maplecroft, Orleans, Renegade Magic, Quicksilver . . . uh. Okay. I may have liked ALL THE BOOKS. 
I did not, however, review all of the books. Though I did review 23 of them.
My favorite new-to-me writer was Meg Jayanth. I read her short story in Long Hidden (which I started in 2014), and immediately googled her and downloaded the fabulous mobile game 80 Days. Let's not discuss how many times I've not been around the world in that game.

There were a handful of books I didn't finish before the end of the year: Breadcrumbs, Kaleidoscope, SFWA European Hall of Fame, Long Hidden - apparently I am bad at finishing anthologies. I did finish Long Hidden this week. And there are only a few more stories in Kaleidoscope. The SFWA title - I might have lost it. Hopefully in the house where it may still turn up.
Half way through January, I am already at 3 books. Perhaps my counts will be back up.